The culturbrauer as a smooth statement

They are the glorious 8 in the Austrian beer business: medium-sized breweries that defend their independence using every trick in the brewing book and encapsulate regionality. There is also a group like this in Germany – the Freie Brauer.

The people behind CulturBrauer: Josef C. Sigl (Trumer private brewery), Heinz Huber (Mohren brewery), Ewald Pöschko (brewing cooperative in Freistadt), Karl Trojan (Schrems bewery), Klaus Möller (Hirter private brewery), Karl Schwarz (Zwettler private brewery), Josef Rieberer (Murauer), Hubert Stöhr (Eggenberg castle brewery)
Foto: Gerd Kressl

Beer, and with it the Cultur-Brauer’s Austrian Lager, is becoming an increasingly popular cultural beverage.
Foto: Philipp Lipiarski

The ultimate box. To purchase is to make an Austrian beer statement (topic: Zwickl) in compact format.
Foto: CulturBrauer